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Shiv Bhasker

Six Priorities for Kanata–Carleton

The Electoral District of Kanata-Carleton is blessed with a unique mixture of urban and rural residents who have worked together to make this riding a wonderful place to live, work and play. Over the years we have enjoyed fertile lands for agriculture, a strong business activity for employment, well planned residential communities for living and green space for all to play. But recently we have experienced climate conditions that are dangerous not only to our agriculture but to our residents, businesses such as our high tech industry suffering from poor government policies, communities experiencing unsafe conditions and green space eroding from beneath our feet.

My priorities as both your candidate and as the Conservative Member of Parliament are to reverse these negative trends and restore the vibrancy Kanata–Carleton deserves. In particular we need:

  • Lower taxes for individuals and business to make our pay cheques bigger and our businesses flourish as employment generators;
  • Responsible government spending that will encourage sound economic growth without deficit increases;
  • Affordable housing for young families through tax breaks and lower interest rates;
  • Investing in Canadian infrastructure including assistance to bring the LRT to Kanata;
  • Safer communities through stronger law enforcement;
  • Policies and Programs that will help Canadians build a better Canada.
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