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Your First Choice for the Federal Conservative Nomination - Kanata-Carleton

I will be there for you...

Why I believe I should be your choice as the candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in Kanata-Carleton.

Let me start by saying that my values and those of the Conservative Party are the same and there are a number of reasons I am asking for your support. When you browse this website, I am confident many of those reasons will hold true for you too.

Kanata-Carleton deserves a Member of Parliament dedicated to the riding and its constituents. I want to see our employment opportunities on the rise, our neighbourhoods filled with signs of prosperity, our businesses flourishing, our respect for each other unquestioned and our freedom as Canadians returned to us.

But first we need a Conservative candidate who has a record of integrity and hard work, a  commitment to others’ needs and a community leader. I have been married for over 35 years and have two children who were born and raised right here in Kanata. My son graduated from medical school and is doing his residency. My daughter graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Economics and is working in her profession.

I have worked with the federal government for over 30 years in financial management positions and have also run several small businesses in real estate, solar energy and health services. I am a CPA trained in finances at Acadia University. Within our community of Kanata Carleton I have coached junior basketball teams and served as a volunteer on a number of community Boards and Organizations. I believe my work experience, my education, my community service and my family values make me an excellent candidate.

I am asking to be your first choice on the nomination ballot. I recognize that a number of you may have already committed to another candidate and if that is the case, please consider me as your second choice.